“The Fruit of Adversity”

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Sermon Notes

   When Handel wrote the Hallelujah Chorus his right side had become paralyzed, he was heavily in debt, and threatened with imprisonment. It was then that he composed his greatest work, the Messiah.

   Paul was in jail in Caesarea for two years then transported to Rome and was another two years under house arrest chained to a Roman soldier 24/7. He wrote his “Epistle of Joy” to the followers of Christ in the city of Philippi during this time.

   Both of these men are examples of how God can bring good out of the difficult times we go through in this life. He doesn’t cause our difficulties but He can use them to fulfill His purposes for our lives.    

   We will look at two specific good things that the Lord brought out of Paul’s house arrest and how He can bring them out of our difficulties as well.