“The Breastplate of Righteousness”

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Sermon Notes

   Our summer series is on the armor of God from Ephesians 6:10-18. Last week we looked briefly at God’s belt of truth. Paul tells us that the first piece of armor we need is an understanding of God’s truth, the Bible, and its authority. It is where we understand who God is, who we are in Christ, and His will for our lives.

   This morning we are looking at the 2nd piece of armor that Paul mentions; the breastplate of righteousness. The soldier’s breastplate was made to protect all the vital organs.

   We will see that when a person receives Christ as one’s Lord and Savior, from that moment on God sees them as clothed in the garment of His very own righteousness and holiness. Living in the reality of that spiritual truth can protect us from the lies and deception of the enemy as well as the wounds of others.