“The Belt of Truth”

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   Last week in our introduction to our summer series on the armor of God, we looked at the fact that if we are followers of Christ we have a spiritual enemy. One biblical name for Him is the devil. He is the thief who wants to steal our spiritual joy, kill our enthusiasm for loving and serving God and others and wreak havoc with our lives. But God hasn’t left us on our own to defend ourselves against him.

   He has given us defensive armor, needed for our protection, as well as offensive weapons to confront our spiritual enemy. This morning we will share some general thoughts about God’s armor made available to us as well as address the importance of the belt of truth.

   A Roman soldier’s belt was a core piece of armor that held some of the other pieces of armor in place. The Bible must be seen as authoritative in our lives if we are to overcome the enemy. We will look at some reasons why it is the Word of God.