“Let Us Fix Our Eyes on Jesus”

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Sermon Notes

   The theme this year for both our church and school is Fixing our Eyes on Jesus from Hebrews 12:1-3. The author reminds the Hebrew Christians he is writing to that this race called life can be difficult and agonizing.

   The recipients of this letter had started their journey with Christ well but as they encountered times of persecution and hardship, they began to weaken and waiver in their faith. He tells them where their motivation and inner strength for being able to persevere comes from.

   Because we live in a fallen world and relate to other fallen and broken people, all of us will experience difficulties of various kinds in our lives as well. This morning we will look at some things we need to take off and other things that we need to put on that will enable us to run our race of life well and how fixing our eyes on Jesus can give us the stamina and hope we need.