“Joseph: A Person of Godly Conviction”

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Sermon Notes

            Of all the men in the town of Nazareth, why do you think God chose Joseph to be Jesus’ father figure? He was a carpenter and probably made enough money to provide food, clothing and shelter for his family but there wasn’t much left over. As far as we know, he was not well-educated. If someone today was looking at possible families to adopt their unborn child, I don’t think Mary and Joseph would be the first choice of many people. But God looks at things differently than we human beings.

            As we look this morning at how Joseph related to God and Mary, we will see his godly convictions and character traits that God was, no doubt, looking for in the man who would be responsible to help raise Jesus, the Son of God. These traits are also important for us today; not just in men and fathers, but in each of our lives.