“I am the Light of the World”

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Sermon Notes

   During this morning’s Children’s Day Service, we will be honoring our children, youth, and Christian Education volunteers. The sermon will be on the Children’s Ministry theme verse for the year, John 8:12, where Jesus proclaims, “I am the light of the world…”

   We will look at the historical context of Jesus’ words which was during the annual Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles as well as what His words mean for us today.

   During this feast, four 75 feet high candelabras were in lit in the outer temple. These fires commemorated the fact that God manifested Himself as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night to protect and guide the Israelites during their 40 year wilderness journey in the desert. But this Feast was also meant to encourage God’s people to look forward to the promised coming of the Messiah.