“Gone to the Dogs”

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Sermon Notes

   Last week we looked at Philippians 2:25-30 where Paul shares some of the character traits of Timothy and Epaphroditus that makes them positive role models. Today we’re addressing ch. 3:1-9 where Paul challenges God’s people to be aware of the false teachers who are perverting the gospel of Christ.

   Earlier in this same letter (ch. 1:27) Paul encourages these followers of Christ in the city of Philippi to “Stand firm in one spirit”, to be so firmly rooted in the Gospel that they are not swayed by the Judaizers who were presenting a different gospel.

   He now addresses them again and shares three descriptions of these false teachers which reveal just how serious a threat they are to undermining the faith of God’s people. We will see how these false teachers are still around today and we must be aware of their influence.