“Fulfilling our Mission Together”

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Sermon Notes

   This morning in our series on Paul’s letter to the followers of Christ in the city of Philippi, we are looking at Philippians 1:27-30. Some Jewish Christians were insisting that the Gentile Christians also follow the Old Testament laws and practices in order to be fully Christian.

   Paul encourages the Gentiles to stand firm in their trust in the grace of Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection alone and not allow themselves to be swayed by the beliefs of others.

   He also shares how Christians are to relate to those from outside the church who are opposed to our mission or who are opposed to us because of our beliefs and stands on the morals issues of today.

   If we are striving to have a spiritual impact on the lives of individuals and our culture, we should expect that it isn’t always going to be received well. How should we handle that push back?