“Experiencing Healing and Salvation”

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   We welcome Reverend Terry Shanahan and his wife, Karlotta, today. Terry is the Northeast Regional Minister for the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference denomination of which we are a member. He is also the Director of Regional Ministries nationally.

   He and his wife, Karlotta, have two grown children and one granddaughter.

   Terry’s message is on Mark 10:46-52. A poor blind beggar, known to the locals as Son of Timaeus sets out for a good day of begging. It is Passover season and he expects this will be the best day of begging he has ever had.  Throngs of people will be passing through Jericho on their way to Jerusalem. 

   He secures a spot on the roadway leading out of town.  He waits with anticipation.  Little did he know of the transformed life he would experience. 

   Completely through faith, not only physical healing but salvation would be his today.  Are you in need of such an experience?