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Ministries We Support

Neriah Community Health Foundation
While Dony and Ketline Vilma were living in Massachusetts and attending our fellowship, they began this nonprofit foundation in order to raise support to begin a community health center in Les Cayes, Lafresiliere, Haiti where there is no local medical care. The clinic is close to being completed and is staffed a few days a week to see patients. Once the building is finished there will still be the need for financial support to help purchase medicines and staff the clinic.
Cornerstone Academy, Nigeria
Cornerstone Academy was started in 2010 in the village of Gyero, outside of Jos, Nigeria. The village school was not able to meet the needs of the orphans in the area so an orphanage and school were built. They are a ministry of EMS/ECWA, which is similar to a denomination of churches, that was started by missionaries under SIM (Sudan Interior Mission). 

The orphanage has around 100 children and about 80 attend Cornerstone Academy which is K-5th grade, co-ed, with children ranging in age from 6-15. Many of the children come uneducated so they are not at grade level.  The children attend a different school after completing grade 5.

Boys entering the orphanage spend 6 months to a year in Gidan Bege (House of Hope) learning English as classes are taught in English in Nigeria. Most children learn their tribal language for home and then English for school. Many of the boys and girls need a transition time for emotional healing as they have experienced major trauma in their young lives. Most important, they are introduced to Jesus so they can be redeemed and know His love and help. When the staff feels they are ready, the children enter the Gyero orphanage and attend Cornerstone.

Most of the staff are Nigerian, assisted by a few missionary consultants from different missions. The money we give goes through SIM.  As you can imagine, it takes a lot of money to feed, clothe and educate all these children, including supporting the house parents and teachers. The children and staff are always so grateful for every gift we give to them.