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Connecting 101 Class

We believe that a healthy member of any organization will learn as much as they can about the organization, and what it stands for on issues important to them. We believe the same holds true with respect to church membership!
Thus, we have designed a course to help you gain a better understanding of our core values, beliefs, practices and leadership. The Connecting 101 Class will explain what it means to be connected to God’s family in this setting. We feel that all members of this church should have a solid understanding of what we stand for, what is expected of a Christ follower here, and the value and benefit of membership. 

Connecting 201 Class

This “Maturity Class” gives us some tools to grow spiritually as we look at four habits that will enhance our relationship with God. First is a daily “quiet” time with God. Tips will be offered on how to overcome some of the obstacles to a consistent time with the Lord. Next, a pattern of prayer from Christ’s life will be shared. Third, God wants us to learn how to give to support his work. The last habit we will look at is the importance of meeting regularly with a small group of other believers to help us mature and grow in our relationship with God and one another.